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Website Conversion Ad for Cold Lookalike Audiences of Buyers and Website Visitors.

A lookalike audience similar to people who have already purchased from your store is the best set of lookalike audience because it targets users similar to the customers based on age, demographics, interests etc.

Set up a Facebook pixel to track buyers, who have already bought from you in past. To create a lookalike audience, you need a custom audience to include at least 100 people.(Lookalike base.)

You can use a custom audience of buyers and another one of website visitors.

Create a Buyer Lookalike Audience

To create your custom audience of buyers, go to Manage Promotions / Ads Manager and open the Audiences tool from the left column. Click Create Audience and select Custom Audience.


Next, choose to create your audience from website traffic.


Choose to create an audience of people who have made a purchase in the past 180 days. Then name audience and click the Create Audience button.

Lead generation using messenger

Here you created an existing custom audience of present customers (You may add people who bought, visited your products or even full website traffic). Now create lookalike audience for these custom audience.

Lead generation using messenger

Now create your custom audience, click the Find New People Similar to Your Existing Customers option to begin making your lookalike audience of buyers.

Choose your previously saved custom audience as the source audience for creating your lookalike. Then enter the countries you wish to target else worldwide.

 Choose your lookalike size. Lookalike audiences from website traffic respond well to a 1% lookalike setting in the parameters because this size gives you a closer match to the people who are interested in what you’re selling.

Now, click the Create Audience button

Lead generation using messenger

Now, you have a custom audience and lookalike audience, two incredible lists to target.

Build a Lookalike of All Website Visitors

This lookalike audience is based on a custom audience, who have visited any page on your website (not just those who have purchased).

This audience will increase your reach and get more people into the top of the sales Facebook funnel so you can encourage them to convert later down the line.

This can be done similar to above steps, go to Ads Manager / Manage Promotion and open the Audiences tool. Click Create Audience, select Custom Audience, and then select Website Traffic. Add people who have visited your website in the past 30 days to your new custom audience. Then give your audience a name and click Create Audience. And follow similar steps as followed in the previous section to create lookalike audience, and geo-targeted location. Check below screen.


We have to have a gentle approach to convert cold leads into clients rather than a harsh approach. Now we need to create the ad for these customers. We are only trying to increase the number of people within the sales funnel for later sales targeting.

Run the Ad on messenger

For the ad, select the Website Conversions objective. Also, use the carousel ad format and show lifestyle product shots. Don’t include product images at this point in the sales process because those images will be off-putting. You can include product shots in your ads later in the process. A gentle Learn More call to action is usually most effective at this point, too.

#2: Build Brand and Product Awareness via Ads Served to a Warm Custom Engagement Audience

This e-commerce funnel has warm audience includes people who have engaged with your social media posts within the last 3 months. These people are impressed by your brand. People who engaged with your posts and took an action that qualifies them to see ads that use warm audience targeting strategies.

You should show these ads to remind them of your brand and encourage them to engage more, which moves them down the sales funnel.

To create one audience, open Ads Manager and go to the Audiences toolClick Create Audience and then select Custom Audience. Then choose the Engagement option, which allows you to create the audience based on engagement with your Facebook content.

On the next screen, select Facebook Page as the type of engagement you want to build your audience from.

In the below image, in the parameters window, choose your Facebook page. Next, select People Who Engaged With Any Post or Ad from the Engagement drop-down list. For the time parameter, enter 90 days. After you give the audience a nameclick the Create Audience button.

Lead generation using messenger

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There is no limitation with post engagement audience, the audience is warm, you can target them with material that encourages them to engage more or show product image ads. At this stage in the funnel, you can test different ad formats and ideas with this audience to see what works best.

You should keep in mind the behavior, interest, and demography for these audiences, which may impact the ad placement you choose. For example, the ad placed on the sidebar will not be visible to the mobile audience, so should adopt a mixed approach.

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In the second part, we will learn to deal the Facebook funnel towards the bottom audience. Hot (Last 30 days website visitors) and Nudge hot (visitors who are visiting products pages mostly last 14 days). We will also learn lead generation using messenger ads and better Facebook funnel.

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