Post facebook zero reach for organic traffic has been reduced and continuously reducing. Here we will learn about ” How to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Results to Combat Declining  Organic Reach Facebook zero-change”

Organic reach is not going to be the same again.

Burning questions:

  1. Has organic traffic been reduced on facebook adverts?
  2. Have you increased your use of Facebook ads to combat that?
Social Media Spend Report
Social Media Spend Report

Survey: 67% says they plan to increase spending more on Facebook advertisements.

Organic reach has been decimated by the Algorithm change.

Organic Reach Killing
Organic Reach Killing

Facebook zero reach to organic traffic has been killed by the algorithm.

Facebook Organic Reach
Facebook Organic Reach Source: Social Media Examiner
Pay to play
Pay to play

The Facebook advertisement has become now primarily pay to get the results. No more organic reach. You have to pay to see your clients.

“Because Facebook Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram want you to pay them money to reach your audience”

“Still, though, paying to play is well worth your time”


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Latest news is: Facebook recently removed reach projections for custom audiences and will eliminate third-party targeting data (like income and purchase behavior)

removing availability 1
removing availability 1 Source: Facebook
removing availability 2
removing availability 2 Source: Facebook
removing availability 2
removing availability 2 Source: Facebook

This leads to a snowball effect.

FACEBOOK Zero caused organic traffic to decline significantly.

Means pay-to-play, it leads to ad cost rising quickly.


If you need more quantity, you need to spend more.

Advertisements on facebook are getting costlier, driving lesser results and less attention


Social Media Report
Social Media Report

To be more effective we need to implement advanced techniques (without breaking our budget and our clients budget)

We need to learn how to make our ads stand out in a sea of campaigns launched by desperate marketers hoping to combat dwindling organic reach. And use smart strategy to get the results.


let us learn
let us learn
  1. Crafting Compelling ads:
  2. a) writing compelling copy to catch them emotionally:

Points to remember:

  • Look for, what is already working organically?
  • Look for HIgh engagement posts on Facebook analytics.
High Organic Engagement
High Organic Engagement
  • Amplify the same content

NOTE: Don’t just “boost” the post, instead turn the post into an ad using the page post ID.

When you are setting up your ad at “Ad” LEvel, click “USE EXISTING POST” ad enter the page post ID

This allows you to retain social proof from the original post (and have the option to customize ad)

GO to Adset– GO to ad- Click ad existing post

Once you have done this, look at the key metrics like earnings per click to see if the post is accomplishing what you want it to.

Maybe you want to organically test first if you don’t have a post but start from scratch.

Put an organic post on your page and measure the result and then put to the ad. IT WILL SAVE A LOT OF MONEY

Existing post ad gives you options to customize the post over bost post option. #FacebookZero effect Click To Tweet

Another suggestion: Make the look and feel of the ad congruent with the destination you are sending them if not it is similar to the normal ad and they click the back button, Facebook says it NO -NO

In case you are struggling for copy ideas: USE SALES PAGE


Cold customers need a different copy from warm ones.

Warm already familiar with your brand and offer.

Cold audiences: create awareness rather than sales like the introduction

Don’t stop here: Lot many people stop here.

One step further:

Hot traffic may be visited your sales page, landing page but did not buy.

so be more aggressive:- Based on retargeting

Use of tactics:

Tactics are meaningless without an effective strategy

tactics error
tactics error

TIP: take time to create a strategy

What is a tactics: way to accomplish to one goal.

Tactic example
Tactic example

Cool tactics, but do not move forward to accomplish your goal. Microtasks are accomplished. This makes long-term focus extremely difficult

Drawbacks are: You get ad fatigue, the ad becomes ineffective, ultimately loss of budget.

STRATEGY: Big picture of the customer journey and how to move prospects through the journey and into your ideal outcome.

  • How to develop a strategy:
  • What is the overall sale process?
  • what is the customer journey that leads someone to buy from you?
develop strategy 1
develop strategy 1

Then we can add tactics to make the journey an awesome customer experience.

Map that out, then determine how you can use Facebook ads to lead people down that journey.

facebook journey map
facebook journey map

If you look your overall customer journey, you can map out the steps someone has to take before they become a customer, you can then plug in the tactics that can help that prospect take those steps.

Steps Map
Steps Map

Run an ad to watch the video for someone,  who is reading your blog, then optin, use Facebook to drive them through the journey.

Tactics: A great tactics is to use video watcher custom audiences :

You can serve people specific ads based on the how much of a video they watched.

Just using this tactic will get you some results, but combining with your strategy will allow you to develop a long-term play that leads someone down the entire customer journey, instead of just accomplishing a micro-task.

If you think after 2 minutes watch they are ready for sales page then after 2 minutes serve them with ad to lead to landing page-sale page. else retarget to finish the video.

smart strategy
smart strategy

This is a long game that we are playing.

How to find what is working what not?

Get clear on what you are trying to accomplish with the ad, you are reviewing, and if it is accomplishing that: keep it running


Keep whats working going to continuously fuel your ad spend, you can try a variation of that to improve your results, but keep the effective ad running.

“Test one aspect at a time,” else you will not come to know what is causing change.

Use split ads test at ad set level, not at ad level: At ad level, Facebook will decide too quickly if the ad is working in few hundred impressions. Click To Tweet

But you do it an ad set level, with one ad per ad set level, both ads will be shown to audiences for a longer period of time, and you will get a better idea of how they are performing in relation to each other.

Relevant score:

relevant score
relevant score
relevant score
How relevant score works

If your relevance score is low, you know there is a disconnect between your ad and your audience. This gives a good idea for adjustments on running an ad or ad is effective.

“If your ad is accomplishing its intended goal, don’t stop running it because if a low relevance score”

Use relevance score as a way to reach your audience at a lower cost and to test and learn about your ad creative and ad targeting. But understand that having good relevance score is not an end unto itself.

Click To Contact Author for Facebook Marketing Strategy Formulation

Custome audiences:

You don’t just populate email list, use 2 pronged approaches to create custom audiences.

When you upload email list, they have a business email generally, but they sign facebook with personal email, Facebook will not recognize them as a person for retargeting. To tackle this, combine your email list with the pixeled audience on your thank you page for subscribers. With combination fo your email list and pixeled list from your thank you page, you will have the largest cross section to work from.

For more click “How to generate leads from facebook funnel”

Next step is to perfect your webhooks: Awesome copy creation. We will learn in the next blog.

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Post Facebook Zero reach to organic traffic, advertisement strategy
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